Welcome to my blog about Art, Books, Writing and Travel.

Oxford Bodleian Library
Me outside the iconic Oxford Bodleian Library

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My aim is to inspire you to love the arts and travel as much as I do.

Wherever you are in the world there should be something here to inspire you, make you smile or curious to find out more.

Street Sculpture

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About You!

We will get on like a house on fire if you are someone –

– aspiring to achieve a balanced lifestyle

– with a desire to learn more, whether they are already informed or not, about art, literature and travel

– who isn’t scared to try new things, although they may need a bit of hand holding to push their own boundaries

– who believes in equality and will make the ethical choice when it’s open to them

– who works hard for their income and wants to use it well

– who knows how it feels to laugh until you cry

– non-judgmental

– who knows a bookcase can NEVER be too big

– who knows their home, and their rucksack really could be smaller

– with the enthusiasm to share

Bookcase full of booksAbout me! I’ll share:

– writing, book reviews and all things literary 

– photography, images and art

– people or places you may wish to connect with

– experiences and encounters that shape memories, including reviews of places I’ve been lucky enough to visit 

– information to widen your horizons

– encouragement to be curious and learn more

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