I am going to try to blog once a daythroughout April. I have a new smart phone which I am still working hard to master, oh the forgotten joy of easily texting or searching on an older more comfortable device. I know I’ll soon be lost without it, but at the moment ‘switching to silent’ is a mortal battle to the death!

Anyway, as part of the a-z blog challenge I will persevere throughout April. My first blog for the month is…A is for Art!

The picture is take at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in, yes you guessed it, Yorkshire, England. If you haven’t been there you are missing out, it’s a great place for a walk, a bit of culture, a view of new and established artists work often made specifically with this grand location in mind. Sheep meander between the monoliths, you can too. Boots are a good plan in wet weather, but those who prefer hard standing can spend a while trying to find friends or celebrities names on the walkway to the gallery.

I love this place, but just one minor moan to the architect, why the blooming heck did you put the handrail on the cafe balcony at eye height! It makes relaxing to look at the panorama a neck stretching or scrunching experience I’d prefer to miss out on!


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