Britain’s National Bird


Oh well never mind. I adore raptors, huge big birds of prey. Harry Potter’s friends i.e. Owls, big or small, Hawks with eyes so effective they can spot tiny things from a long way away (OK so I got lazy and didn’t google exactly how far, but they are good at seeing stuff. I guess like a modern toddler spotting the golden M at a distance of 10km!)

What am I waffling on about, well recently this little fella, the Robin, who actually could be a little lady as they look the same (who knew!) was voted Britain’s National Bird.

Boo! I love ’em, I have one visit my garden, they adorn many Christmas cards sitting on a garden spade handle etc. however I just wish we had something a little bit more, well, symbolic. Something that fights for what it believes in, for it’s kids, is a great parent, can defend itself, isn’t quite so trusting. Actually the more I write this I realise it’s probably not such a bad symbol after all, but I promise you, you’ll never convince me a Robin can carry off a leather hood or ankle strap like a raptor can. Good singer though!



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