Every morning this brightens my day

Hello, every morning when I travel to work I see this picture and it inspires me. It reminds me beauty is all around us. It is in the faces of those we love; in the flowers, some say weeds, that grow between the cracks of a derelict building wall and in the concrete of a motorway central reservation or beauty is painted on a wall by a skilled artist who chooses brickwork or hoardings as their canvas.

Street Art is the accessible art we see which reminds us to visit the galleries, to decorate our walls or just make us think. This one with it’s military hints reminds me of those we must remember who are in war zones fighting for justice. The green vines remind me of Glastonbury and how I wished we could live with such tolerance of diversity everyday. The I love Sheffield badge, well that is so true as so do I, it’s a beautiful Northern City which embraces diversity, culture and encourages art.

I hope the artist won’t mind me interpreting their work in this way, it is done with total respect for their skill and vision; may it long continue and spread across the world via any forum possible.

I’m just glad my travel routes bring me such inspiration, and ground me or lift me dependant on my mood. I issue a huge sigh of gratitude.


Author: christieadamswriter.com

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