Favourite season…

Finally Autumn arrives, sadly it arrives a bit late and no doubt will be swallowed up into Winter. I love all seasons and hope they may long continue, at least you know where you are with them. Nowadays all the four seem to merge into one, and be interspersed through out the year.
Red leaves and fireworks this weekend, winter bird feeders set up and being eaten as we speak. Starlings are rubbish at hovering!
I’m hoping for an English win at the Indian GP, and that Paul Diresta finishes safely, a star of the future; another Scot we will only adopt as cynical English when he wins, think Andy Murray.
Got lots of paperwork to sort through, then start on a free book courtesy of the Guardian, thanks!
Seasonal advice – Check your windscreen wash, carve out your pumpkin face and ooo and aaah loudly at the visual spectacle that is approaching, oh and pull those gloves out of the cupboards and shove them in your pockets, it’s getting nippy out there.

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