First post on a new blog

Hello, I’m just starting on my new blog site. I’m hoping to get to grips with it all soon, but hey forgive me if I take a few days to get used to this page.

My writing group will soon have a new group blog too, so I’ll let you have the link shortly.

I look forward to you checking out my twitter, facebook and this blog as you go along with your daily routines…maybe it’ll add a little something cultural, optimistic or thought provoking…let me know!


I’m a writer and creativity coach focused on sharing my love of travel, writing and books. I motivate, educate and widen horizons by blogging about my world of travel and words, writing books and encouraging others to find their voice.

2 thoughts on “First post on a new blog”

  1. Welcome to wordpress Christie Adams 🙂

    Are you still having trouble transferring the stuff over from blogger? Maybe Craig can offer advice.

    Happy blogging, speak soon.

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