Book Review – Val McDermid, Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime,

Anyone who has watched CSI, anyone who has read a thriller, anyone who has watched a court case unfold in the news, in fact anyone, should read this book.

Book Cover - Forensics by Val McDermid

Book Review

Title: Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime

Author: Val McDermid

Copyright c. Val McDermid (see publication for other copyrights please)


Blurb: “In her novels Val McDermid has been solving complex crimes and confronting unimaginable evil for years. Now, she’s taking a look at the people who do it for real…”

Plot (or subject if non fiction): I picked this book up mainly as a research resource for my own writing, however it was instantly a book I had to read, as engaging as any best selling crime story, maybe more so. Isn’t it fantastic to find a book which becomes so compelling you need to read quickly but then regret it’s all over? The writer brings together a huge amount of information then presents it to the reader in an easy to understand, factual way. She references so many recent and historical high publicity cases I can only imagine at how many permissions were applied for, facts verified and research hours completed by her and her team. THANK YOU!

Anyone who has watched CSI, anyone who has read a thriller, anyone who has watched a court case unfold in the news, in fact anyone, should read this book. Actually just one group of people should avoid it, anyone who suffers from Pteronarcophobia (go on Google it!). On numerous pages throughout a very effective image of a blow fly hides in the margin or the text, so as suggested if you have a fear of flies maybe read an ‘e’ version which doesn’t import images! I admit it had me itching or imagining an insect on my arm on more than one occasion.

Characters: Val also reminded me about the fantastic visitor attraction called the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle, if you are in the UK call in. Check the times as it’s truly so poisonous it’s locked and you need to be accompanied, very informative, creepy and brilliant for parents too. The guides are great at explaining the various ways you can bump off your family! Rhubarb anyone?

Conclusion:  I learned a lot from this book, not least about McAfee of the anti-virus fame, who knew?? I will definitely it as a resource and will no doubt dip in and out whilst writing to check my facts. This book is the type of reading material science classes at school should be given to engage young people and illustrate how much science impacts on our everyday world, now and ever more in the future.

On My List of Recommended Books?: What can I say, BRILLIANT! One of the best books I’ve read this year. From page 1 to 310, compulsive, informative, page turner, all the superlatives you usually see on the back of the book. I admit to not knowing much about this author, I know I know, I will seek definite seek out her work in the future.

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