Hello, yippee! Just noticed registration for 2013 is open, that means the clock is ticking for the next festival even though we have to wait until next year due to ‘2012’

In the UK ‘2012’ has been hijacked permanently by the Olympics, forever more anyone saying 2012 will be assumed to be discussing Olympic events or suchlike. Anyway, back to giddiness…it’s getting closer and after missing out on tickets for 2011 I’m keeping fingers crossed for getting some for the next big one.

I wanted to share this picture, I took it at Glastonbury and can’t think of a better way of demonstrating the amazing accepting society that is Glastonbury festival. I was in flipflops and bikini top, no wetlands of previous years for us just dust which bizarrely I was allergic too! Joys of gritty itchy eyes replaced the requirement for wellie boots. Once inside the fence you see every social class and age, sexuality and religion and not one judging the other, I just wish we could just bring that tolerance to the ‘real’ world.

Here’s hoping for a sunny year in 2013, but if my pink Hunters are necessary it’s a price worth paying.


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3 thoughts on “Glastonbury”

  1. Hi, Christie! The festival sounds like a blast. Though I am really excited for the London Summer Olympics!!! 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend and happy A to Z!!

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