Guardian Angel v fate – Life is for living

I have always been a firm believer that there is something other than just humanity in this world. I guess it’s because in the scheme of things we seem so small and insignificant; the universe is so vast, let alone further other worlds beyond our primitive vision.

The stories of people missing a plane which crashes, swopping shifts and avoiding a tragic incident. The media is full of such drama; it is often the basis of the few good news stories we see in the national press. I thought I was a fatalist however some time ago, someone explained that fate means everything is pre-written and you can not control it. Your actions make no difference. I then reviewed my beliefs, I do know you should do your best, try hard, have empathy for others, live life in a ‘good’ way; I do like to think some of your destiny is in your own hands.

I have a guardian angel, I’ve bumped into them once or twice. They have a sense of humour. It may be my Dad, I know he watches me since we lost him, it may be an ancient ancestor or a spirit guide. I guess dependent on your beliefs you would all interpret actions and influences in your own way. I am certainly not going to criticise or condemn your reason to take certain actions.

Today my angel did their job.

I witnessed a ‘joy rider’ crash their car, or rather crash what was probably someone else’s car. I don’t understand the expression ‘joy’ rider as it certainly isn’t joyful for anyone. The car lost control, took out a fence, narrowly missing a house and tree, hit a parked car and almost two others then pulled up. The youngsters did a runner, how they weren’t hurt I don’t know. This drama on a lovely sunny day was a bit surreal, it was nothing outstanding or something which doesn’t happen on a way too frequent basis. No one died.

The reason this brought about my thoughts on life and fate etc. was brought about by a simple fact. I usually walk on one side of the road to my local store, this time, and I truly don’t know why, I crossed the road. If I hadn’t I would have been exactly where the car crossed the path and demolished the fence. A woman on a cycle also had the same ‘near miss’ experience. We both know today was a good day for us, it could have been ALOT worse.

Ironically, after a brew with sugar, the event finally made me smile. People have been asking about why I like to travel to volcanoes, hostels, back packing etc etc. If you’re a traveller I’m sure you are familiar with those who only ever stay in 5*, who only stay close to home, you know the doubters. Sometimes the doubts hit home. I do sometimes have to battle the panic that can kick in, usually at point of aircraft take -off! I had been wondering if self driving on holidays was a good plan, well today made me know life is for living. Be sensible, do the prep but get out there; you literally NEVER know what is around the next corner.

The event has made me know I’m a writer, I wanted to write about it. The reason for the picture, my own small tribute to Bangkok in their moment of need. Maybe that personal meditative moment gave me the credit in the happiness bank to account for today, who knows.

I’d be interested to hear about any moments you recall that have either made you do something, or on the other side of the coin, not do something. I’m told you only regret what you don’t do, not what you do.


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