Holiday feet and holiday books

I love feet and books, I know, odd combination but go with it for me.

I don’t think anything sums up holidays, travel or relaxation as much as bare feet or the second best option flip flops. They are also known as thongs to some, although for me that is what you wear under your trousers! Apologies for the scratched toe, the perils of bare feet and furniture whilst running around packing!

If you visit an airport you will be amazed by the number and variety of differing designs of flip flop from your basic cheap ‘grab off the shelf near the beach’ kind to the blinged up version of those with extra cash to splash; even sin of sin ones with a heel.

You can even invest now in fit flops which give your butt a little extra firmness, if you actually walk in them rather than sit on a sun lounger.

The second item in my article, books! Of course, gotta love ’em. I read just two this holiday due to other calls on my time, sea, sand, family etc. Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

1. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

If you can get past the first chapter, sorry I wasn’t hooked straight away, this book won’t disappoint. It is an unusual plot and concept which I think the author worked hard at creating so they deserve your time. I won’t spoil it by revealing the story, the blurb says enough. I think it missed an opportunity at the end to explain more about the one the book is titled for, it seemed a little rushed at the end as if they were unsure how to explain it, but apart from that great holiday read, worth a look.

2. The Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer

Morally I feel I shouldn’t support his writing, but he does write a great story with good characterisations. This book will be forever remembered as the one that, with much hilarity, partially blew away on a windy day at the beach. Luckily after desperate running around only a few pages succeeded in their bid for freedom. This is a great holiday read, if you like a thriller or conspiracy, which I do. It was a bit predictable at the conclusion although there are a few surprises throughout which i won’t spoil for you. No regrets on spending precious holiday time reading and enjoying this one. He is a best seller for a reason.

So in conclusion of one of my first ‘review’ posts, please give me feedback on what I did right, and wrong, I’m hoping to do this more often. Thanks as ever…and don’t forget when you get to an airport and browse through the bookstores look at those feet and marvel at the variety, and release your own to that freedom which is a flip flop.


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