Horror story

Hello again, it’s one of those lazy days when you sit and listen to rain on the windows. The sound of the pattering drops reminds me of the camping holidays we took when I was small, tucked up under blankets as the typically British rained hammered down on the roof of the caravan.

The fizzle of the gas mantles spluttering their insufficient light across the scrabble board, I’m still surprised we didn’t all need glasses by the time we were ten! The dripping from the steamed up windows, anyone else recall that wet cold feeling if you let the curtains touch the glass? We had the compulsory whistling kettle for the tea at supper time. In our caravan there was always a slight nervousness about drinking dandelion and burdock. That flavour was not popular at the campsite shop so by the end of the week was your only option, no daily deliveries by supermarkets chains back then, you were lucky if you had a campsite owner who would go out to stock up, you usually waited until shelves were empty then tolerated the remaining options. Cheese and Onion crisps were also the last ones to go, to this day if I taste cheese and onion crisps I crave dandelion and burdock; I wouldn’t mind but I don’t like either of them.

We never wanted to drink after tea-time as that meant going to the loo before bedtime, or god forbid having to go AT NIGHT. The toilet block was dark, cold and at the other end of a long path between trees corners laden with cobwebs and only lit by your own pathetic torchlight. The pathways look so innocent and enticing in daylight don’t they? Who knows the horror of the darkness which is all the more sinister and black just outside the small circle of light your AA battery powered torch; add to that the difficulty in holding a torch whilst trying to have a wee without touching the cold damp wooden seat and not dropping the loo roll you had to bring with you as the ones provided had been disappeared only to leave behind a few sad damp remnants stuck to a dark damp concrete floor. Now THAT is a HORROR story!

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