Inspiring artist…

An ex colleague often reminds me in a slightly condescending manner that they don’t have a tv, apart from to watch DVDs. Snobbery of any kind really annoys me, and that kind of superior attitude to modern media is the worse kind. Yes I agree there’s a lot of junk, especially numerous reality and now mock reality shows with scripted reality made for wannabes but who are we to criticse when at the end of the day we (not me I hasten to add, in her own version of snobbery) watch it. That is why the tv has an off button, or rather the remote control does.

NOTW would not have hacked people if they didn’t sell papers on the back of the results, we breed the media we deserve. I’m fairly sure there’s a famous quote about that but it eludes me at the moment, apologies.

Anyway to get back on track I do have a tv, and I watch it with pleasure. I love the murder mysteries, the war coverage with such honest brutal bravery it is humbling and completely laden with admirable, often unacknowledged honour and justice. My reason for writing is to let you know I’ve just had the pleasure of watching a real life icon, a real artist and HE’S ALIVE! Hockney…a good old Yorkshire bloke with a mac and a flat cap wandering round easily recognisable Yorkshire tracks with an ipad! GENIUS!

Not for him trival condescension about modern media, but a true artist who embraces new technologies to bring beauty to the eyes of others, to share his view of life and experiment with new ideas. If you get the chance to catch up on yet another modern invention the internet then do so, you won’t regret it. His multiple cameras on a frame were truly a great idea that resulted in just…well…in a word…beauty! I’m off to book my ticket to see his show, can’t wait…here’s the link


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