Hello, and HURRAH!! Two Brits on the podium for F1, it’s good to see. For those who aren’t sure what it is that’s Formula One, which is basically blooming fast expensive cars zooming round a track. In Paris I saw the Mercedes ‘safety’ car, it’s huge, ridiculously full of technical stuff and some serious engine room. The main thing though, it has gull wing doors which I love; I just like a car with a bit of personality and that’s the bit of character I savour. Even better today, Schumaker didn’t finish. Sorry but that did make me smile, I never liked his style and wish he would stay retired and give the young ‘uns a chance.

Anyway the purpose of this post was just to say don’t you just love the celebration! If only we could all get such an outpouring of emotion for doing our job! YES Mr plumber you fitted a shower HURRAH!!!! Now let’s shower you with champagne!! YES Mrs bank clerk you paid in my payment cheque HURRAH!!!! you deserve this full magnum of sparkly vino now guzzle it down!

I guess it’ll never happen so I’ll just have my own personal interpretation, YES Ms Writer you did another thousand words, now get a glass of pink! We all have to take our rewards as best we can!

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3 thoughts on “Jubiliation”

  1. It’s true that we fail to remark on ‘ordinary’ good service – I always thank helpful shop assistantsl and they tend to look startled, as if I’m quite mad. Imagine what they’d do if I showered them in champagne! I totally agree that we should reward ourselves for our triumphs – cheers! 🙂

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