My Tiny Scottish City Break – it’s not just whisky and midges

The colours and light change and drift from bright jewels of purple to stormy greys and back again. Your camera will not do it justice.

My Tiny Scottish City Break - it's not just whisky and midgesMy Tiny Scottish City Break – it’s not just whisky and midges

OK, so I confess, I don’t like weddings and I don’t like rooms full of people I don’t know. So at the weekend where did I decide to spend a weekend, yes a wedding. A wedding where I wouldn’t know anyone. No one, except my other half.

To add to the overall joy of anticipation I also came down with really bad cold. I now had not only a sore throat, peeling snotty nose and no tastebuds, but would be exposing all the guests I met to my germs. Oh dear.

I put all the guilt of that on hold and went anyway. The guilt of missing out on the wedding, letting people down and wasting what was relatively the small fortune it costs to travel and stay in the UK being my main motivations. As any of you know who follow my blog, I’m currently earning about $1 per month from Amazon Affiliates so small fortune it is! 

Did I mention that the car broke down the day before too, so last minute train tickets had to be bought – ouch! Pricey!


Edinburgh Castle at sunsetBack to the wedding. It was to be held on the Saturday so it would be foolish to miss out on a chance to spend time in one of my favourite cities in the WORLD, so Friday became travel day.

I love a good train journey. I did lots of reading, finished the second Hunger Games (watch out for the review following shortly on my blog). Listened to some podcasts and hey presto we’d arrived in a very sunny Edinburgh.

Beautiful. Even a piper was playing near the station to add to the whole atmosphere. We walked around the cobbled streets, green spaces and had a picnic in the sun. All with the huge and spectacular castle looming above us.


In the park outside Waverley station is a commemorative statue for the Polish community, it’s of a gorgeous tactile bronze bear and soldier. I was totally unaware of the story behind it, you can find it here or by clicking on the image.

Wojtek Statue

Yes I stroked his already smooth nose and ears, I’m sure they will need protection from all the little hands that do the same. Well done to those who arranged his commissioning.

Edinburgh is a really welcoming and homely city, it feels like a large town. You can walk to vitually everything but if you do have mobility issues you may struggle as it’s on big hills and cobbled streets. Also, watch out for trams.

It’s not a place for girl shoes, at this point I may remind you that I was attending a wedding, oh yes. Now call me fussy but hiking boots or trainers are not suitable attire for a wedding guest, although as the bride put on white trainers under her dress later in the evening so maybe it’s my approach that’s dated.

So anyway, there I am, half a mile to the party with huge blisters, joy of joy. If anyone can explain why women’s shoes can’t be ‘worn in’ when you buy them please step forward now.

Did you know the Queen of England allegedly does have someone to wear hers in? Myth or not, she truly does walk a mile in her shoes.


Sadly despite a great location the hotel was a bit pants, you know one of those missed opportunities. I just wanted to grab the owner and shake them, it could easily be so much better. My Trip Advisor review may not be too promotional. No worries, as I was feeling rough we watched TV so didn’t need much, and did sleep well.

If you are travelling to Edinburgh consider the SYHA, they have some breath taking properties and are great prices too.


Now I know I’m a bit late to the party here, especially as a big Asian street food fan. However I confess, again, I’ve not been to Wagamamas restaurants before. To be honest the one in Sheffield is always so ram packed that I’ve never fancied it. We wandered around and saw numerous places to eat. My cold meant my taste buds had left the stadium for the day and I guessed chillis might be a way to rediscover where they were hiding. Now this isn’t a place for a cosy romantic smoochy candle lit lunch, it’s a loud busy buzzing eatery, and I loved it! Smoochy candlelit isn’t recommended for those with snot anyway so all was good.

WagamamasThe staff were helpful, the food tasty (yes the chilli plan worked) and plentiful and the whole experience not too pricey.

Result! Trip Advisor Review = Definitely recommended.

It was funny to see the three mini puddings set out on three separate plates, think they were trying for the guilt factor.

Even finished off with an Earl Grey tea, how English, really felt like a tourist then. Oh if you’re a green tea fan, it’s free. To me it’s grass in a cup but it takes all sorts eh?


Just a hop skip and under an hour train journey from Edinburgh is Glasgow.

Now I’m lucky enough to have family there, but even if you don’t, try it out. It doesn’t have the same reputation for beauty as Edinburgh but if, like me, you like architecture, history and shops, the city centre is definitely worth a look. I loved the leaves sculptured onto this building.

Edinburgh Building ArtOn the outskirts, just minutes away you are once again into the beauty of the Scottish lands, castles, lochs and all the colours you can imagine.

Street Art – Glasgow

Parking the car is a bit of a skill in this city, like others in the UK we like to blind you with one way streets, far too many sign posts and then we chuck in bus lanes or taxi only drop off places.

Edinburgh Street Art 1After a couple of circuits we finally parked up and came across this joyful wall of art. Stunning! I don’t know the artist but I’ve found a guide for you online…Edinburgh Street Art 2


Vivienne Westwood

Yes, the girl who bought tartan and punk together has a shop in Glasgow. She’s a childhood hero, I too had a safety pin through my ear. I have now invested in one of her pieces! Yes!! Only took me 55 years but I got one! Hurrah! First of many maybe, I love her designs, her style, her skill, her rebellion and her generosity.  The staff are given their uniforms, which are her designs, get in! Well Done Ms Westwood, they do you proud. Mr Sports Direct eat your heart out. (UK reference to a guy who makes his poorly paid staff buy their rubbish uniforms)

Get yourself to bonny Scotland

If you haven’t been to ‘God’s own country’ Scotland then please try to get a visit or tour on your to do list. It’s beauty is never over sold, it’s stunning. Mind you if you go in June prepare yourself for the nasty beasties known as midges, TINY biting things, not lethal but flipping annoying all the same.

Often when travelling around Scotland you realise why so many artists are inspired there. The colours and light change and drift from bright jewels of purple to stormy greys and back again. Your camera will not do it justice.

OK, so I thought I’d share another confession. I love a man in a kilt and I do have my own family tartan so I had to include just one image of a kilt. This was hidden away in the back of one of the many souvenir shops, but I love it for its quirkiness. If you are a Scot please don’t take offence I know it’s a poor imitation of your fabrics but you’ve got to love Tin Tin right?

Tin Tin in a kilt

And the Wedding

Oh, it was lovely. A humanist ceremony, in, wait for it, a Victorian LIBRARY. Can you imagine if I’d missed that! The 5 year old best man, matching bride and bridesmaids dresses and well as guests from literally all over the globe. It was certainly worth the battle against triple pneumonia (OK, a cold) broken drive shafts and blisters to get there. I wish them well and thank them for a lovely day.

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