Prioritisation over procrastination – what lies beyond this new door I’m opening?

I am committing to transferring my draft chapters to Scrivener from Word. There, I’ve said it. I stood up and made my commitment in public.

I’ve decided to do it, had a brew.

I’ve watched the video instruction, had a brew.

I’ve downloaded the software, had a brew.

I’ve made the commitment in public, have a brew…

Maybe I need to watch a few more tutorials? NO!!! JDI, or as a previous manager said JFDI! For those unfamiliar with the TLA (Three letter acronym) the first one means Just Do It! so I’ll leave it to your imagination what the four letter one meant, my old boss was a joy to behold.

Wish me luck, here I go, on my way…in sort of the words of Vera Lynn (my granny told me about her!) Now let’s start copy and pasting, CMD C & V you saviours you, oh that’s the kettle boiling, and Pointless is coming on TV…


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