Romance…steer your own path

OK, so you may not find this view so romantic, but here I overcame fear of heights (nearly) fear of commitment (definetly) and shared the most romantic day of my life (so far) it was a cliche of the best kind.

I believe in positivity, karma, fate and all the other names for your life going down a defined path, however I also believe you can make your own fate if you choose to. It may be pre determined or it can be steered like any other vehicle down a chosen route. I never knew my life would take this path, so I didn’t steer it at all, but now it’s on the right route I’ll keep my hands on the wheel and make sure it doesn’t go off track. To stick with the same metaphor (is it a metaphor? always get my terminology mixed up) every now and again I may pull over and have a look around at the view, but I know I’m in the right vehicle with the right person so if I do travel down some side roads it will be with my ‘chosen’ one.

If you doubt yourself, follow your heart, it will take you the right way if you allow it.


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