Why you should set up a new email account…then share it

The reason so many people, not just companies, want your email address is because they’re valuable.

Why you should set up a new email account...then share it

I accidentally pressed ‘delete all’ in an email folder.


Oh well, half an hour later I’ve managed to retrieve most of the emails, but that was time I really needed to keep building my online entrepreneur business.


This reminded me how reliant we are on the tech that sourrounds us.


Is your business resilient?

Can you contact your friends without Facebook?

An hour after I retrieved my almost lost emails…I received a new email telling me an online forum I use is changing it’s policies.

(Not Facebook…this time.)

However…what if…have you thought about it?

I share my written work within a blog sharing website where I have about 100 followers. Sadly they haven’t shared their direct email with me so I’ve only got that one route into their world.

I’ve managed to find some of them on other social media, but it’s not always easy because of name changes and just simply finding folks in the mass of people online.

As the website is changing direction I will probably lose all those friends and contacts, it will no longer be a place where I can share my work. More importantly it’s a loss of 100 people who give me feedback and help me keep on track.

I feel I’ve lost an opportunity to share good things with them.



I sat back, had a cup of tea (OK you guessed it I’m British) and accepted it’s pointless getting frustrated.

Humble drinks corner with tea

Anger is a waste of energy.

You can’t control the mass of information and forums on the internet.

You just can’t!


What do you do to avoid being in this mess?


Save important things to your cloud / external hard drive.

Email them to a second email account on a different server or even go old school and print it out!


Set up another email account. I have an email address set up specially for sharing.

You know when shops want to send you the receipt online, brilliant and helpful, or for when I enter a competition where I have to tick the box that says they’ll send me stuff. It took about 5 minutes to set up. It’s separate from my secure banking etc and keeps me in control.

You may wonder why people, including me, always ask you to share your email address, why sign up?

I am just like you, I close that pop up box, ignore it, move on.


What if…

The person who wants your email is going to share things that

  • You like
  • You need
  • Add value to your life
  • Save you money
  • Keep you updated on tech and new developments
  • They really think you’d like, they may be an artist who needs your support

You get the idea.

The reason so many people, not just companies, want your email address is because they’re valuable.

OK some companies sell them. BE AWARE!


Some people just want you to keep up to date, keep in touch, share their ideas and creative output. Some people just want to have friends online.

Think about it.

Did you like what you read?

Did you pay to read it? If not, then why not reward the writer by giving them your email address so they can share more information and thoughts without you having to go looking.


You may just receive an email that inspires you and changes your life.


The delete key is always an option if you get an email that doesn’t interest you but  DON’T PRESS DELETE IN THE WRONG PLACE OR AT THE WRONG TIME – that’s how this post got started in the first place.

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(YES that’s me asking for your email address! I won’t sell it on, I promise!)

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Why you should set up a new email account...then share it

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