Short stories for free…

Hello, whilst you are hiding from the rain maybe you are catching up with downloads to Kindles etc. This small extract from one of my stories may lead you to read more of our groups’s work:

“Billy Elliott crashed straight into the wall. He crumpled to the floor and fought back the tears that threatened to overflow down his freckly cheeks. He heard his persecutor laugh as he ran down the lane with his cronies following throwing taunts back from a safe distance:

β€œHa, not so light on yer feet now eh our Billy?”

He picked himself up, brushed the dust off his newly ripped trousers and picked up his school rucksack; it looked as battered and bruised as he felt…”

Maybe you are lucky enough to be heading off for a break and plan on doing some reading. Short stories ideal for the airport or beach abound here…and it’s free.

I hope you like it, and please feel free to give us feedback.

My fellow Steel City Writers reside at wordpress too just follow the link:


I’m a storyteller focused on sharing my love of literature, travel, photography and all things arty.
My blogging supports my writing and I’m committed to encouraging others to pursue their dreams through travel and the arts.

5 thoughts on “Short stories for free…”

  1. Great idea. I posted my “Birthday Surprise” to celebrate National Flash Fiction day last month. We are at 161 downloads at the moment. Another few tweets in the ‘offing me thinks πŸ™‚

          1. scary and definitely exciting. Another draft needed before anything else. I changed a few characters and a couple of plot points so need to tidy the earlier chapters to reflect the changes. Getting there though πŸ™‚

            Keep plugging away it will be worth it in the end.

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