Simple pleasures…

Well I am thrilled to say we have had a gorgeous bank holiday Sunday, not the ‘coldest’ on record as reported in the media.

I rediscovered a simple pleasure today, not eating chocolate or having a lie in but…and don’t laugh…sweeping the yard! Well to be totally accurate I was sweeping the patio but you get the idea. Today has been lovely and sunny and after doing lots of spring cleaning in the new garden, trying to find homes for all of the plants after new fencing was fitted (you know the routine) I tidied up.

Don’t get me wrong I am far from ‘ocd’ with cleaning and yes, I have been known to sweep dust under a rug every now and again however I do enjoy that you can see the results of your labours. It ended a long work day to leaves a clean start for tomorrow.

I am glad a £5 yard brush can make me smile, humble pleasures in deed. Fancy sharing your cheap and cheerful pleasure (keep it clean?) 🙂

Happy Easter!


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One thought on “Simple pleasures…”

  1. Simple pleasures indeed. 🙂

    Not happy with the amount of snow we still have, but it did feel milder today. I got to wash the floors down, so a similar indoor activity to your outdoor activity.

    Happy writing 🙂

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