Success celebration – I have my degree, BA (Hons) in Literature.

Well today brings the culmination of six years hard graft, I have achieved my degree. BA (Hons) in Literature.

I would recommend OU to anyone. Their support is second to none.

Love and thanks to my family for their tolerance to my study and my growing book and bookcase collection.

When I was younger only the rich went to university. It may sadly go back to that in the UK, the current climate of change.

Education is the key to the world everyone must push as hard as they can to keep it accessible. I paid for some of my study, some via grants, I’m lucky.

Get to your local library and support them, keep them open. Buy books keep the suppliers open, download books, move forwards and embrace technology.

I love writing, reading and the privilege of being able to say what I choose when I wish to, a precious gift. Treasure it!


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