Review of Gomorrah

I have always loved books written about mafia and gang culture, starting with the classic of course, The Godfather. This however is not a novel, it is brave shameless naming of apparent violent criminals. It is not a pleasant read, but compulsive, through out I had to remind myself that it was not fiction but that the author is in hiding, for life.

I must admit that I am a passionate advocate of free speech, but at some points I did wonder why the total unashamed listing of names was necessary, sorry but at some points it detracted from the terifying factual account of the harsh world of current business practices in Naples. I was sad to read about the apparent destruction of historic buildings, and a culture corrupted by money power and business, but fascinated by the links to Chinese industry.

Worth the read, but I admit to speed reading the long lists to jump forward to the interesting bits. Uncomfortable, but brave.