The art of packing – before and after…

Well, the best advice for a back packer – pack – unpack and take out at least 25% of stuff and things, repack, repeat.


I’ve got the bag packed…just!

After…nearly…the hat is going, the cushion isn’t as the travel cushion is in there somewhere!!

I did feel a little guilty too, there’s me stressing about not being able to take a pair of very cheap linen trousers and a spare tub of moisturiser with me, “…but I might need them…”  then I see the news again about refugees across Europe who literally have the clothes on their backs. Ouch! That helped put things in perspective so if it’s not in now, it’s not coming.

I’m no expert, yet, although I feel qualified to say please, before you start, do your research! What you can take, especially things like taking a prescription if taking drugs, bag weight / size, how to store and protect photographs etc etc etc etc. I think this is probably the most important you must check the Foreign Office (for non-UK citizens, I’m sure there are global rules on this) Read your insurance (if you are daft enough to travel without insurance I doubt you’d be interested in my packing tips!) and check you are complying with their rules.

Best packing advice shared by others and much appreciated = My top 5:

1 – Roll up clothes and use vacuum bags, at least to protect delicates or pale colours

2 – Swap at least one outfit with fellow traveller if possible (in case of bags delayed or lost)

3 – Take a photo before packing, especially of tech, for insurers (same reason as 2)

4 – Use zip lock bags – ALOT – I’ve had way too much stuff wrecked by things leaking in transit, even wet wipes!

5 – Personalise your bags in some way – ribbons / labels / straps / cable ties – anything to help ID it at the airport. Also, put a piece of paper with address or business card in an inside bag pocket so if it does get lost the airline have a fighting chance of getting it back to you. Another way is to write your name & postcode / zip code etc in pen on the bag inside.

Have copies of all important papers e.g. passport / insurance. Put their numbers in your phone and/or on a scrap of paper etc and carry them with you everywhere. I know so many people who leave their insurance numbers in their room safe – sadly if you have an emergency it is highly doubtful it will happen whilst you are in your room.

Then, relax, kick back, enjoy, make the most of every moment.


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