The inspirational weed

Hello, well I do love a sunny Sunday. This gorgeous weather is slightly tempered by the worry about the planet, but to be honest it was lovely today. The warm air brings out the best nature in folk don’t you know. I know I should be concerned about baby birds getting caught out by late frosts and the global warming that may defeat Mother Nature’s best efforts, but I do like it when people smile at each other.

The people I pass on the lakeside paths are no longer frowning beneath layers of wool and ever-more chemically enhanced technical outer gear. They are in flip flops, well some are, my feet felt positively overdressed in walking boots and snuggly socks, I should have opted for a lightweight option, but I paid for these boots and I want my money’s worth (I have the most gorgeous winter fur boots and am gutted that so far this year they haven’t seen the light of day!)

People smile, they throw pebbles into the water, they feed the ducks, they chuck sticks for faithful and no so bright hounds. I miss having a dog, they were a great excuse to get out and about alone without looking a bit lonely. I know I shouldn’t think like that, I love my own space, but when I see others alone I tend to feel sad they aren’t able to share the experience, why is that? What a hypocrite I am.

I hope you all enjoyed some time with your loved ones, or indeed alone feeling sunshine on your face, or just had time to look at something growing with the unaccountable and certainly admirable force of nature in the springtime. I’m always impressed by the weed that can break up concrete to force itself towards the sun. It inspires me, if a tiny blade of leaf so soft and vulnerable can triumph over man’s brutal paving, cracking and forcing it apart surely I can achieve something in my feeble attempts to triumph over my word count, to defeat the blank page and succeed at my chosen fight against the machine otherwise known as publishers and editors.

My time has come, I need to get some words down on paper, or rather on screen; my novel calls! My love, my passion, I hear you, but let me just fetch a brew first…


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