Timaru – ideal location for Zombie films


Timaru, well what can I say? Does anyone live there? This was the High Street/City Centre ‘rush hour’ at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, before you ask no the All Blacks weren’t playing.

DSC_0869 (1)

It was a stop over that in hindsight we probably would miss out. They have apparently a beautiful beach, maybe in summer it’s awesome, not so much when we went. There appears to be a few bored teenagers in ‘joy-rider’ cars just cruisin’, don’t blame them at all, they must be BORED. It’s a tourist spot, with only tourists out and about. ALL the shops were shut and to add insult to injury even the promised penguins didn’t appear.


The gulls were amusing nicking each other’s lunch, and the tributes to fallen soldiers across the globe imaginative and thoughtful. The rest, well like the title says it would make a great location for a Zombie film. I recently blogged about England needing to step up and provide services and shops to tourists after 5pm, all is forgiven, almost. We even struggled to find somewhere to buy our evening food, just one corner shop away from the centre who had empty shelves and no conversation skills.


Now I don’t like be negative about a place, but I’m struggling. I hope the massive ex-hostel building at the front gets taken over and refurbished, it has obviously been a stunner at some point in history, now boarded up. Timaru I would say if you want to get your city up and running again, then make people feel welcome. I can’t say what the locals think, as despite trying we didn’t find ONE! Just many bemused tourists trying to find somewhere for a coffee, and failing. Even the artwork was sleeping!

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