Top 5 Art Websites

Please post photos of your scribbles and doodles on Twitter for me to see: @Christieadams23 #Art

Top 5 Art Websites1. BBC Arts
This very easy on the eye simple website is easy to access, quick and includes great small items for the casual visitor. It is within the BBC so is often updated with newsworthy items and includes short videos, articles and interviews. You can navigate via user friendly categories for Books, Art and Artists, Performance, Film and the great Get Creative the final section ideal for interaction.

2. The National Gallery

Lodovico Carracci, The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence
Lodovico Carracci, The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence

Whilst some of this website merely points you to events and activities at the gallery in London, there is still quite a bit you can learn here. You can watch tutorial videos, read short

articles about the major artists and buy items through their online store. I find this website a little messy to navigate, maybe the odd broken link etc but still worth a look for its bitesize articles. Great reference material for

John Singer Sargent, Frascati
John Singer Sargent, Frascati


3. Arty Factory
This one is aimed at getting more hands on and participation. It’s basic, easy to access, quick and just what you need to get straight into an art project. Navigate under simple headings, Art Lessons, Design Lessons, Art Appreciation. Highly recommended!

4. Khan Academy
‘Our mission is to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere’
This is the Tate gallery link to the learning portal. It is highly professional and from 13th – 27th May has a Q & A project Why is Art Important? It encourages interaction on social media and is a site I am keen to support. The Tate is an excellent gallery to visit, one of my favourites and this website does it justice. Their mission statement seems accurate.

5. Open University
I studied Art History with the Open University and loved it. I gained a wealth of knowledge in a short time and on my blog will share snippets with you as we travel towards wider art appreciation together. If you wish to study officially then have a look at OU. Whilst funding is now reduced so costs of independent

Victor Jean Nicolle, The Colosseum,
Victor Jean Nicolle, The Colosseum,

study rising, it is still a great investment. They currently offer a free extract, or of course you can sign up for a full study course.

Apart from my photo, my images are courtesy of the National Gallery. I love seeing sketches, they remind me that even great artists start somewhere. They sat with a pencil and paper and a basic scribble. We can all follow their example, so get doodling!

Please post photos of your scribbles and doodles on Twitter for me to see: @Christieadams23 #Art

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