What books should I read on holiday?

‘BAILEYS Women’s Prize for Fiction…celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing from throughout the world.’

Oxford Bodleian Library
Oxford Bodleian Library

Hurrah, yes it’s holiday season coming around soon. So what books do you need?

Lonely Planet (aff) produce excellent guides, they have helped me find hidden treasures on my travels as well as learn a lot about my chosen destination. You spend a lot of cash on your travels so it’s only sensible to make the most of it, there’s nothing worse than being on the plane or bus home and someone says “Did you see that amazing…” and you didn’t!

You’ll find some good offers if you click on the link. If you are using an old guide book, check the date, if it’s more than a couple of years old donate to the charity store and invest in a new one. The world changes very quickly, you may miss a treat if you use outdated information.

That’s the destination sorted, now you need some entertainment whilst you’re travelling or chilling out…


As it says on their website this is ‘One of the most prestigious literary awards in the world, the BAILEYS Women’s Prize for Fiction – previously known as the Orange Prize for Fiction – celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing from throughout the world.’

Waterstones (aff) are currently highlighting the collection, so why not pick up a new book, support a brilliant woman writer and maybe explore a genre that isn’t your usual choice. I really hope we can leave behind the days when only men’s names appear on the best seller shelves for certain genres in our stores. Go on, I dare you!

If none appeal directly to you, why not buy one as a gift for someone or even better donate it to your local library, then treat yourself to a book from an author you’ve never heard of. If you aren’t sure what people may think of your choices you can hide in the anonymity of ebooks. You could support a local writer (Craig Hallam is a mate of mine and if I do say so myself writes a pretty fine story) a new writer, a self published writer, any writer, you get the idea. GO BUY A BOOK.

I’d love to hear your feedback, what will you read this year?

(Please don’t take library books on holiday and trash them or lose them, they are too precious and libraries need them back all nice and shiny without sand in the creases (ouch))

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