12000 and counting…

Well this will be a quickie. I have finally managed to get my facebook account to allow comments and posts. I’m on twitter tweeting every day with my ‘Nanowrimo’ word count (for those uninitiated it’s a 50000 word in 30 day challenge! Check out the web site and donate!) why not follow me ChristieAdams23.

‘Movember’ charity is growing ever hairier for the blokes around me, and well done to all those with itchy top lips, all in the name of a good cause! Again check out the website.

Then for a last minute piece of humbling inspiration look at You Tube for the autistic basketball player in the US. He brings a tear to your eye, or he did me!

Armistice Day – wear a poppy with pride, it matters.

Thanks for calling in, see you soon when my keyboard stops calling to me to type MORE WORDS MORE WORDS MORE WORDS…!!!!

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