2016 Book Reviews

Hello, I am making a commitment, making it public and getting it out there.

OK, so what is this massive decision from a ‘commitment phobe’ I hear you cry?

I am going to blog a book review about every book  read this year, be it travel or biography or fiction or anything else I call a book. I may even blog about an article I read which I feel has merit. I’d love to get our feedback so feel free to comment, share, reblog throughout the year too.

Why this image? This seat was hand built by my late father in his ‘built from scratch’ Devon garden. It was one of my favourite places to hide in my solitude, and often to read. Over the years it became hidden in lovely lush honeysuckle so you had bees for company. It was where I spent hours contemplating his life whilst my daughter and family went to scatter his ashes.

Books keep me company. I hope my comments over the year will encourage you to read more, be it books, blogs or just the odd tweet.

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One thought on “2016 Book Reviews”

  1. Good idea. I did the same when I did the eclectic reading challenge a few years ago. Makes you think more about the book you’ve read than just tossing it aside and picking up the next one.

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