Annual update

Blimey, I can’t believe how long it is since I blogged!

I now have a gorgeous study in the making, well it’s more humble roots are a back bedroom with a sofabed but you get the idea. Currently coughing due to numerous dust motes showing off in the sunlight through the window.

I love it! Pete Denton you have inpsired me to start writing again, and I am taking full advantage of a lovely sunny day to get rid of the dust and start typing. My notebook is out and ready with pen to hand…hurrah I hear you cry (you did cry for joy at my subtle return didn’t you?)

Books I’ve read – well sorry JK but I think Casual Vacancy is a bit pants although I’m persevering. Pilgrimage of Harold Fry ( I think it’s called but daren’t google it as my pc keeps crashing) that book is genius, if you haven’t read it do so NOW!

Things I’ve done? Ridden an elephant, lost all my photos of said event (ARGH!) as my SD card is no doubt now in a Russian tourists backpack, long story or not really. I’ve seen where Angelina Jolie Pitt stood in Anghor Wat / Thom and guess what…photos of said event on same SD card, probably with same Russian tourist.

Oh and I got married!

Right then, off for a brew and to find a pen pot for my new study room.

Love you and leave you, will be back soon


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