Are Writers Sociopaths?

Definitely food for thought…


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4 thoughts on “Are Writers Sociopaths?”

  1. Thank you for the follow.

    About that artist/sociopath concept. I do believe that if we are to be truly creative we must learn to get so focused on our creation as to be immersed in it. Which often means we have spurts of not noticing anything or anyone but our creative process unfolding. But sociopath is a harsh characterization and one whose behavior traits I would not want to embrace.

    Looking forward to following your blog.

    1. I agree, JoHanna. An artist must be “in the zone” to allow his work to develop to its full potential. This might mean taking notes on people when among them and then isolating oneself to synthesize it into a painting or onto a page. Sociopath does sound harsh, but I didn’t mean in a serial killer sort of way. No need to embrace that!

      1. Oh I know you didn’t. It does raise the very interesting idea that if we were to browse the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders how many of the genuinely creative and often genius people would be so easily diagnosed with a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses.

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