Well hello, here I am today is letter B of my A – Z blogs for April.

One of my most favourite places in the world is Waterstones, it’s a UK bookstore that specialise in books; they have lovely friendly coffee shops instore, and have expertise on call at all times. They even have staff reviews of books around the store. Don’t you just love it when you ask for help or opinion in a shop and actually get it! Not just ‘read the label’ help but truly experts in the field.

The smell of books and shelf after shelf of literature is a great pace to de-stress, chill out, stimulate your brain and gain an education, amazing! I really recommend having a long lunch, or finish work a bit early, walk up to the shop and just wander around, get inspired or just look at the covers. The cover story is a joy in itself, great photography, or imaginative images, the kids section is full of eye catching bright and funfilled artwork. Sometimes it is OK to judge a book by its cover.

Then invest in a book you can afford, maybe a genre you haven’t tried before, and sit with a brew and enjoy!! You have my permission to spoil yourself just a little bit, your day will be made so much better just for an hour spent in my favourite bookstore!




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2 thoughts on “Bookstore”

  1. I really like Waterstones too. I don’t know what it is about the layout, or how they choose what to feature near the till or whatever, but if I’m ever buying a gift for someone, of any age, and am short of time, I fly in there and always seem to find the perfect book right away, even if I’ve gone in with no clue about what type of book to get them. It’s like a magic place! Or it might not be a book, it might be a thing, they have a few games and things as well don’t they. You can get the card there too.

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