Brave New World

Well next week I start another chapter in the adventure story of life. I finish in my current job, without another to go to! Fool, are you mad! I hear you cry, well no, I hope not. I’m just fed up of being dragged down by negativity so I decided to leave head held high with a bit of cash in the back pocket to tide me over for a few months.
I have done a bit of reading up on transition and personal resilience and I think that helped me decide. I lost my Mum recently and recalled when my Dad was dying he said something very profound and something that still motivates me in life. He was in pain, after a blessedly short illness and just asked for us to let him go. He was thrilled with the life he had experienced. He knew he would never get better, as he said your body just wears out in the end. He laid there and told us that he was happy to go as he had said his goodbyes, put his life in order, seen his children grow and seen all the things in the world he wanted to. Wow! That still brings a tear to my eye years later as it was so honest and what a privilege to be able to say that.
So, back to me, if I don’t move on now I feel my positivity will be diminished. I think any bereavement makes you assess your own life and it made me realise that any job is just that…a job…it isn’t the meaning of life, just a part of it. My parents had a beautiful home with lots of junk as well as lots of personal or beautiful things they enjoyed however it’s all gone bar a few mementoes, you literally can’t take it with you.
I feel positive about my future. I may regret the move, I may not, however they say you regret what you don’t do much more than what you do. Whilst I have committed to making this blog about the arts I am going to include more art appreciation and writing in my life, I enjoy it, it makes me happy so I will share those moments if you don’t mind. Watch this space for updates over the next few months on how things are going.
One last relevant recollection to finish on, the shape shifter in Star Trek said something to the effect of ‘I don’t understand you humans, you spend your whole life working to acquire things you’ll pass on to your children who will sell it or throw it away’


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