Camp Nanowrimo – is it worth the effort?


First of all let me explain put simply Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month, is a month long writing ‘exercise’ that runs online through November.

Camp Nanowrimo is a similar movement which runs in Spring, i.e. April and Summer i.e. July.

In their words from a helpful forum they run…”Basically, the point of NaNo in general is to give people who want to write things a sufficiently motivating environment to get stuff done.  The standard goal is to write 50,000 words, which is the minimum that publishers typically regard novel length.  During Camp, you can pick your word count goal, but the basic event is the same.  The goal is to get stuff done because you can’t edit a blank page”

I haven’t tried Camp Nano before so I thought I would give it a go this Spring. New shoots in the garden, new ideas on the page, why not. I will be honest and say I haven’t got a clue yet what I’m going to do, edit a previous piece, drag out one of many incomplete drafts and tie up loose ends, or initiate a whole new idea.

For the doubters, what’s the point? You have a whole month of resources at your fingertips, online buddies, video blog inspiration, progress charts, your own stats worked out for you, I could go on however most of all, you achieve something! I know it’s not easy to find time but if you knuckle down and try to use every spare moment to write you really can write 50000 words in a month. Shut the door, get the headphones on, drink coffee, and type. I did it! You can too!

You can buy branded goodies, literary products, often with massive discounts and join various groups or forums to divine yet more inspiration. You can donate to support various literary causes, young writers, community libraries etc. if you choose to. I tend to dip into the forums, however I find it a bit distracting so tend to write on my lonesome. When I got low on workflow I watch a few videos which gave me the appropriate polite boot up the butt and spurred me to hit those keys a little harder.

If you are asking, is it worth it, I guess you shouldn’t bother eh? As with all writing, you have to make an effort, as in life you have to make an effort. Your reward is in the form of your own achievements, is that worth it? Although you could come out with a publisher’s offer, a completed book to send to an agent or publisher, or ready to self publish, is that worth it? You may find just one paragraph that lights the flame of inspiration to take you down a whole new route to creativity and publication, who knows.

If you are asking, is it worth it, OF COURSE IT IS!!! Just get writing and sign up now.




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3 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo – is it worth the effort?”

  1. The last decent bit of writing I did was for Camp NaNo. Definitely worth it if you can get into the right routine. Priceless if you get the bug again.

    Good luck!

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