If You Change Nothing, Nothing Changes! I’m Stepping Up In 2018, Are You?

It’s been proven that writing and using a creative outlet can reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

So another year is here, a week gone already.

CAW Pinterest If you change nothingTime flies! You can look back at 2017, but you can’t change it, it’s passed which is why it’s called the past.

So look forward! I’m really going to push ahead this year. Are you?

— What will you change?

— Where will you go?

— What will you learn?

When 2019 arrives how will you be feeling?

Frustrated, bored, confused, wondering where another year went, same old same old?


Fulfilled, balanced, content, amazed at how much you’ve achieved and how you’ve managed to do so much in just 12 months?

I know I’m unbelievably lucky to work at my passions.

I write books, I write online and anywhere else I can share my words.

I coach people to become the best they can be.

I’ve worked as a mentor and trainer for years, to teenagers and adults. I now focus that attention and passion towards who wish to write, or have aspirations to be more creative. It’s been proven that writing and using a creative outlet can reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. I know for sure that I feel much more balanced and relaxed since taking up writing in a more structured way.

This year I’ll build my business and my brand.

I’ll write and offer more books for sale. Launch at least one, probably more, online courses so those who can’t commit to a one to one coaching contract can still change their habits and be able to say ‘I’m a writer.’

I know how awesome that feels, if I can help others do the same I’ll feel totally amazing!

So how has this past year changed me?

Aside from making new friends and watching creatives go from strength the strength.

I’ve been to 8, YES 8 (OMG!! I KNOW!) countries and worked and played in every one. So, so lucky and thrilled to meet people from all above this awesome planet of ours.

I’ve just about conquered my fear of flying too, taken my first solo flights (well not literally, the plane was full of travellers and crew, but you get the idea) my first solo holiday, my first business trip abroad, my first night sleeping alone in the woods in a home made shelter (homemade by me!)

I took up yoga and aqua-robics, and audio books.

My first published collection of my short stories, Knickers and Other Bitesize Flashes launched on Amazon, previously I had been in compilations with other writers.

Knickers Ebook cover

I’m sure I could bore you with loads more stories but I wanted to share just a few.

At the start of 2017 NONE of this was in my plan.

I’m a firm believer in a plan. REMEMBER the definition of plan is to make a proposal, they are there to set guidelines.

Christie Adams in Aotearoa

Always be open to change!

Not everything was shiny and easy going. The fridge broke flooding the kitchen, the boiler gave up the ghost on the coldest day of the year, bees moved into the garden, bedbugs moved into the house (I will blog about that when I finally get over the trauma!) we lost friends, I had a health scare, sh*t / life happened.

I’m not complaining just saying. You’ll see so many posts on the wonderful web about how awesome life is, sometimes you need to see that behind the beach shots and gorgeous food is real life.

My main challenge this year has been to accept my ‘money mindset.’

I’ve realised after years in the corporate world, being told I’m not worth more in my pay packet, that I’ve let this become a firmly embedded limiting belief.

2018 is when I finally shake the money tree and allow myself to actually value myself in a financial, as well as spiritual, sense.

For those who don’t work independently [yet] you may not realise how difficult it can be to achieve that mindset shift. From being undervalued by employers to becoming valued as a skilled, qualified, experienced entrepreneur is often the biggest hurdle individuals need to get over.

Don’t worry I’m certainly not asking for sympathy or pity, I’m thrilled that I set my own hours, even if they are 7 days a week and often twice as many per day as those sat at the 9-5 job. I love every moment!

CAW Pisa selfie

Of course it’s stressful, it’s also exciting and challenging.

I can go for a walk, care for my family and travel whenever I choose. I’ve learned so many new skills my CV would be ten pages longer, if I thought I needed one again.

So, how are you stepping up this year?



You may not be as lucky as I am to follow your passions as your career, yet, but don’t get complacent.

Life is not a rehearsal, follow your heart and live every day to the full. You recall I love a plan, so ‘WANT TO GET AHEAD GET A PLAN!’

According to the dementia society, doing daily exercise and using your brain every literally keep you healthy in mind and body. So if you’re not doing that, step up and take control.

I manage various groups and networks, and I’d love it if you’d join me so we can share what I know will be an exciting 2018!

I can’t wait to see you and hear about how you will be pushing 2018. Use the hashtag #push2018 so I don’t miss a thing.


Let’s do this!

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