Hello, well I started out with grand literary ideals of explaining how Dickens is brilliant at describing men but not so hot at the characterisation of women, to delve into his psyche to explain why that was the case but do you know you can google and read about that in so many places I deceided against it. Why reinvent the wheel or even pretend to know as much as academics who have studied the genre and the author for years.

I will therefore instead let you see a picture of one of my favourite characters, my (now deceased) best mate Peggy! She was a total star, not the brightest of the bunch bless her, hyperactive, scared of the dark and known to run into things if her mond was distracted but she made me happy. She consoled me with a cuddle and a friendly rub of the chin (hers not mine!) when I lost my Dad. She didn’t judge when I cried, she didn’t sulk, for long, after I told her off for eating something like a kitchen container coz it smelled of food. She was a rescue hound and if anyone is familiar with those they do tend to have an obsession with food.

She once had to wear trainers, yes dog trainers, for a month when her claws fell out due to a medical problem but she never complained when I trod on her toes. Actually that’s a lie she screamed blue murder but she didn’t snap so it’s all good.

She was my best friend and I miss her…if you want a dog get a rescue hound, they are a total pain in the ass when you first get them, but blimey they will give you so much in return that you will forgive them for the chewed furniture and wet carpet (such joy under your toes first thing in a morning!)

T’old Peggy, eeh she were a character but by ‘eck I miss her, her ashed are under a tree in her favourite field, as the vet said when we let her go, ‘Go one girl chase those squirrels’ she was too think too catch them, speed was not an issue she just didn’t know she was supposed to chase them until it was too late.

My favourite character, so far.


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  1. Dogs are the best characters, made even better by the fact that they don’t talk 🙂

    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

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