Hello, doesn’t this remind you of Dickens? I can vision ladies in large hooped Victorian skirts striding down this path in semi light cast down from a full moon. Would they be vampires, widows or ghosts? The rustling of the taffeta against the grit path, an owl silently swopping across her path? Could she be a recently past soul walking to her next life?

The recent growth of vampirical tales, the obsession with murder and gangsters via crime TV channels, the ever increasing ‘I’ve been abused / attacked / depressed / etc’ literature seems to be feeding our obsession with doom, gloom, death and the dead. I wonder why? Are we just so desperate and miserable ourselves in these stricken financial and globally warmed days that we have to see someone more miserable than us to make us feel better; the dead feed that need?

Do we use it as therapy to think ‘well it could be worse’ or I’d like to think more optimisitically that we like a good read, we enjoy a well drawn plot and a well rounded character. Sadly I think the former is probably true.

Enjoy your doom and gloom reading and watching but please, remember death is as far as we know the final curtain and when it does come it is often very unpleasant, so make the most of life. As well as reading about death get out there and live your life…

…but watch out if walking through the grave yard! You never know who may just be hiding.




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2 thoughts on “Death”

  1. A very somber picture, Christie, although I do love wandering round old graveyards, looking at the inscriptions and imagining the lives of those long passed. It throws your advice about enjoying life while you can into sharp perspective!

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