Do you judge street art and critics?

…open your mind, maybe a door and enjoy the surprises!

Benalmadena Public Loo
Benalmadena Public Loo

This post was published 4 years ago on my previous blog. It is still relevant so I’ve republished duly updated, forgive me and enjoy.

I am catching up with some brilliant lectures from Sky Arts TV, I am unsure if they are available online but if you get chance to see Germaine Greer on ‘boys in Shakespeare’ it is amazing. I am impressed by her views and knowledge and was surprised by it. Why? Well, I just think we pre-judge. I hope I am not judgmental. I pride myself on not being however I had assumed Germaine Greer would have a lecture about strong women, sexuality and aggressive opinions. I thought of her by perceived reputation, I had been unaware of her great expertise on Shakespeare. Sorry Germaine I pre judged you, I offer you apology by way of a link to your books.

Please everyone, learn by my honest and shameful mistake of almost missing a very well constructed and educational lecture by almost pressing the delete key because of the person speaking.

The reason for this photograph? This was inside a public toilet in Spain, again if I had prejudged it as ‘another dirty portaloo’ I would have missed this brilliant artist’s work (due credit to them, I sadly didn’t get their tag), open your mind, maybe a door and enjoy the surprises!

I love street art, I find it inspiring, daring, beautiful. If you do, or you are yet to be convinced I highly recommend Street Art News. I’ve only recently discovered it and already I’m excited by its content. I hope you are similarly inspired.

I might even get my colouring book out tonight, now where are my crayons?


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