Extra chilly but hurrah for Saturdays

It’s a great sunny but blooming cold day. I’m watching people walk by all buttoned up, scarves and hats keeping the chill at bay, just. Their hounds are bouncing around but you know they will be first to hog the heat from the fire when they get home.

I’ve been to the gym, had a pampering session upon my return to a lovely warm home and am now busily catching up on technology. It’s amazing how quickly things move on these days, the speed of technology demands us to keep up.

I recently listened to a brilliant, if scarily doom laden, lecture by the ‘howstuffworks’ guys explaining how humans are actually changing their behaviour and their brain patterns to match actions demanded by computers. The stuff of nightmares, yes, but after updating my ipod, facebook, tweeting and blogging before going to sell something online and do some study in a virtual world I guess it is true.

We need to ensure in all this fantastic and inspiring technological shifts into the future we don’t lose the ability to talk to those sat at the same table, to call and speak to those we love, and to cuddle just because we feel like it.

Enjoy your day, and drop by again soon.

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One thought on “Extra chilly but hurrah for Saturdays”

  1. I’m not happy that the snow is still around, Every time I go outside I feel like I’m gonna end up on the floor. Nice to stay inside and watch others freeze, though.

    I think my behaviour has changed completed thanks to technology. It is a little scary, but the way we’re going.

    Have a great weekend.

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