FAQ: What is a Blogger? Not a logger, a BLOGGER!

The blogger can then relax in the knowledge that tomorrow they will be writing again but they will not be alone.

FAQ- What is a Blogger- Not a logger, BLOGGER!FAQ: What is a Blogger? Not a logger, a BLOGGER!

Almost everytime I slighty self-consciously tell people I’m a writer and a blogger, my voice sort of tales off. It’s hard to acquire a confidence about a career that I adore, without sounding pretentious. However I’m always surprised by the reaction. Usually it goes along two lines, either

“Oh wow, I want to do that, brilliant, what do you blog about? Are you earning loads of money?”


“Oh, I’ve heard of that but I’ve no idea what it is”

First of all, I explain I’m writing two novels, as the writer part of my job title seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Then I humbly apologise and say no I’m not earning a fortune, but maybe one day if my lotto numbers come up.

Darren Rowse of Problogger set us bloggers a challenge to post an answer to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) so to those who don’t know what this new phenomena is, I will explain, sort of.

FAQ: What is a Blogger?

Dictionary Definition

Blogger: someone who writes a blog

So that’s the shortest post I’ve written in a while.

“WAIT!” I hear you cry. “What’s a blog?”

Blog: a regular record of your thoughts, opinions or experiences that you put on the internet for people to read

How easy is that? If only! I love the blogging world, but that doesn’t quite cover it.

So, here is my own very short definition of what a blogger is…

A writer, entrepreneur, marketer, social media guru, promoter, gossip, expert, novice, photographer, designer, chatterbox, social animal, hermit, computer geek, nerd, keyboard addict, keyboard phobic, passionate advocate of chosen causes, teacher, student, lecturer, reader, historian, trend setter, opinionated egotist, copyrighter, sun-starved, typist, coffee addict, tea drinker, snacker, editor, proof reader, critic, product tester, technician, accountant, quick learner, adaptable, optimistic, pessimistic, paranoid, approachable, socially skilled, unsociable, political, apolitical, highly developed awareness of software updates and issues arising, font expert, spell check guru, bullet pointer, philanthropist, organiser, scheduler, diarist, theorist, deadline meeting, follower, hashtagger, liker, un-liker, procrastinator, experienced, inexperienced, website designer, sharer, content producer, socialite, friend, call to actioner, archivist, credit sharing, selfish, engaging, interviewer, interviewee, guest speaker, guest writer, podcaster, collaborator, consultant, webinar fan, enthusiast who posts their work on the internet in the desperate hope that it will help someone who may, just may, come back to see their work again.

In my best David Attenborough voice…the blogger does its work each day, or night, in the hope that they will attract a ‘reader’ who chooses to chat on social media and press the ever desired @ or # in the right places. The blogger works this hard so the ‘reader’ or ‘follower’ will subscribe. If successful, they will be given the reader’s tag, link and their highly treasured email address. They will know they have found a mate, in the blogging world these mates are known as ‘subscribers’ The blogger can then relax in the knowledge that tomorrow they will be writing again but they will not be alone.

I’m bound to have missed a vital aspect to the job so please tell me your individual skill acquired whilst blogging, clean answers only please…the internet is scary enough.

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