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Faith Martin. Remember the name as I’m sure she’ll go far in whatever journey she chooses to take in her life.

Rolling Through LifeHello, recently I was lucky enough to be invited to join a Bloggers group on Facebook. Through this I met an amazing young woman, Faith Martin. She is talented and remarkably mature for her years, I hope she won’t mind me saying that.

I wish to share a short item from her blog, and encourage you to follow her posts on:

Rolling through life

Here’s one about one of my chosen passions, art, or rather TV and film.

Disabled characters in film and TV

Today I wanted to touch upon disabled characters in the film and TV industry as I was inspired my a picture I saw of Wonder Women in a wheelchair (click here to see it) as it made me think about how the disabled community are represented in the industry itself.

British Soaps like Eastenders are based around today’s modern society so I believe disabled characters like Donna in the show are vital as they show a modern and diverse society as well as making disabled actors feel slightly more represented.

…Please continue reading the article on Faith’s Blog here…

If you know me, you know that wheelchair accessibility is something I feel strongly about. I get wound up by the incompetence of town planners and insensitivity of people who see the chair and not the person using it. So please, I encourage you to read other posts on Faith’s blog, including this one about joining with her in her campaign.


I raise my tea mug in salute, Faith Martin. Remember the name as I’m sure she’ll go far in whatever journey she chooses to take in her life. She is remarkably confident, intelligent and optimistic, three qualities I admire.

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