Happy Mum’s day

Well today is Mother’s Day in the UK, so enjoy your day ladies. I got some gorgeous presents, but as every mum knows they are appreciated but not required. The best gift a mum can have is the sight of the offspring smiling, happy in their skin; confident and happy.

I must admit I get quite stroppy when I hear parents trying to place guilt on their children. You know the type of thing…’oh hello stranger’…’if you loved me’…and the WORST of them all…’I carried you for 9 months and this is all the thanks I get’ unbelievably I have actually heard parents repeat this to their children, often the ‘children’ being parents themselves.

I believe parenting is to educate your child so they can make their own choices as they grow older, like growing plants you feed them, water them, pamper them and coax them towards certain directions but if you force them or place too much pressure on they will break or at least, in the case of your kids, break contact. Sticking with the same analogy, if you neglect them they will grow without direction; whilst some will succeed despite the lack of attention many will not achieve their full potential. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m not judging, the hardest job you’ll ever do is to be a parent, and yet we have no training apart from dropped in at the deep end, it’s amazing we survive as a race I guess but we do, somehow.

So mums, enjoy your day, take the cup of tea and a cake if offered; forgive your children who are too busy to phone it just means you probably succeeded and showed them how to get on with life on their own. If they do phone don’t make them regret it with tales of hard times, they’ll face their own soon enough let them enjoy what they have before the real world kicks in.

Smile and relax in the knowledge that you are loved, its just we all have lives to lead and they are much too short.

The relevance of the picture? It’s in my Mum’s garden, homemade by my Dad; and I love it coz I can hide on it with a book whilst avoiding my Mum when she’s annoying! Sad but true, we all have our faults.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Mum’s day”

  1. I agree with your sentiments, Christie. The sad thing is that those who guilt-trip their children tend to drive them even further away – who wants to visit a grumpy old woman? For me, being a mother is a constant exercise in ‘letting go’, with love. I’d much rather my adult offspring visit because they want to, than out of duty. And I’m proud of their independence, what they’ve achieved – because I brought them up to be confident. I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day – I did! 🙂

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you too for yesterday. I agree, Mother’s Day is a time for us mothers to be grateful for our wonderful offspring, but so often it turns into a day of everyone worrying about doing their duty for their mother!

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