Ibiza – the white isle, not just hippies

In the UK Ibiza has two reputations. One a 1970’s hippy destination where semi (or fully) naked sun kissed escapees from the rat race swopped city life for plaited hair, dodgy cigarettes and yoga retreats. The other is a night clubbing ravers party place from the 1990’s and noughties.

Neither image is undeserved, how ever the reason both party crowds have chosen this isle in the Med is due to it’s laid back warmth and beauty.

We spent a week there recently, enjoying the breeze across the sand as we read numerous paperbacks, evenings in wine bars sipping on sangria, Sol beer and for me bottled water (still on the no alcohol diet)

PLEASE don’t book all inclusive, unless you have young kids in which case maybe I can sympathise with the price of ice creams pushing up any budget. Even then please take the kids out to experience the place, hear the language, meet local kids at the park etc. This year we spotted numerous restaurants empty, this wasn’t due to dodgy food, we hope, rather the lack of regular customers. I think some hotel chains will cash in on the fear massaged by certain media elements recently and further increase the all inclusive offers, discouraging us who are adventurous enough to want to actually speak to and trade with the locals. Often giving employment to non-locals too.

We will get the destinations we deserve, fear breeds fear, exclusivity breeds contempt. We go overseas and expect the locals to cater to us, then only spend money in the hotel. If you do this, in years to come the previously pleasant friendly resorts may just look like UK high streets, boarded up and depressed. We may just get the resorts we deserve.

Author: christieadamswriter.com

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