Hello, well I guess I can apologise first for being rubbish at the A_Z Challenge of posting once a day. I could bore you with reasons, but there is no excuse for not showing some commitment to you, those who choose to call by. I hope you’ll not mind too much.

Intuition is such a complex word, what does it all mean? Well officially…in·tu·i·tion = ‘the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight’ or ‘direct perception of truth, fact, etc’ or even better ‘pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge’

I love reading, and enjoy thrillers and detective novels, a good cop always has the ‘hunch’ goes with their ‘gut’ and yes they usually ‘get their man’ If only life were so simple. I had a hunch that I would win the lottery from the numbers I chose last week. I didn’t!

My hunches and ‘untaught’ knowledge is usually proved to be non-existant, but hopefully this won’t impact on my writing and my characters will have that undefined quality of being a smart Alec and knowing the truth, after all I’m usually quite good at the ‘do as I say not as I do’ but I’m hoping to tone it down into a quite confident genius rather than the ‘told you so’ smarty pants…off to tackle J!



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  1. It was brave of you to even start the A-Z, Christie – I wouldn’t attempt it, because I intuitively know (see what I did there?) that I’d quickly resent having to post every day. 🙂

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