JCB – driving the tool of the building trade

I think if I have my time again I may just go into driving a JCB, they are awesome!

I’ve always loved big TONKA toys of my childhood, you know the massive big trucks. I could always empathise with young lads who ‘borrowed’ them on a building site for a bit of a quick tootle round (after my recent joy rider scare I apologise if that sounds like triviality, it isn’t meant to)

I got to drive a big boy of joy at Diggerland and loved every minute.

I shovelled muck, dug a trench and later spent a few hours with my four year old grand daughter as she also drove the beasts of construction, yes drove them, knocked things down, dug things and rode things. All loudly, smiling, within a safe environment, friendly and fun packed.

The beast that is a JCB is surprisingly easy to drive, very responsive and a gentle giant.

If you get a chance to drive one go for it, they are great fun. I’m glad I am showing my grand daughter that girls, even old girls, can do stuff that is big and dirty and she isn’t aware of the ‘male’ nature of the trade in times gone by (or at least hopefully gone by the time she gets big enough to work)

Construction is a very male dominated society, and I guess they like it that way, it will change and Diggerland is helping in that fight for equality, good on ’em.


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