Kangaroo Island

We took a coach day trip and ferry over to Kangaroo Island. If you are travelling don’t hesitate to take a coach trip or organised day tour. They give you a chance to sit back and relax, often charge your phone, get free wifi and allow you to concentrate on your surroundings instead of the driving or train times. They often have a commentary which whilst it can be a bit ‘coach trip’ it can also teach you a lot about the local area. If you really have an objection to someone local telling you about their area and history you can put your iPod on and sleep but why not put your prejudice aside, listen in and take on board what the locals think is best about where they live.

If we had done this trip on our own we may not have discovered this amazing natural phenomenon, Admiral’s Arch, down numerous steps and twisted boardwalk. if you look carefully you can see seals sleeping. What a place to sleep, it was flipping windy!


I’ve previously posted pictures at the ‘remarkable rocks’ which are truly remarkable, a natural feature that’s got red ochre colouring due to some sort of lychen. I was very wary as it was windy and the rocks are smooth and slippery, and high above a fierce coastline. Sadly there is a memorial nearby to a couple of guys who passed away whilst trying to save a tourist. On the way back up to the bus we spotted a young child running down and jumping on the rocks, no parent in sight. When will people learn.

The bus took us to various sights around the island and yes thanks to him we finally caught sight of a koala IN THE WILD! Hurrah! As the local guy said at the sanctuary earlier in our trip, koalas don’t do much, and as you can see they don’t. Sleep, eat, sleep, shuffle, sleep, eat. Yawn.


If I went again, I think I’d stay over on the island for a night and make the most of the food, drink and sunsets too.

Top 5 of Kangaroo Island:

Remarkable rocks




Coastal scenery

And yes finally…after all it is Kangaroo Island…


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