Lake District, UK, our own treasure but only before 5PM

I recently spent a few days in the UK Lake District. Whilst cruising on the lakes it occurred to me that if it was anywhere else in the world it would be promoted much more. I’m glad it’s not though, as it remains, in the main, unspoilt. It’s a truly stunning and awe inspiring location.

The one thing that I can honestly complain about is relevant not just to the lakes but most places I’ve been to in the UK. WHY oh why do places shut so early! I see and hear people complaining that the UK tourist industry is struggling and businesses struggling, so why do they shut souvenir shops at 5pm!

We had the same issue in Devon; coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. all closed at tea time. Just when you want to go for a wander before the evening meal, or perish the thought of wanting to shop after you get back from a day trip!

I love holidays as you can truly experience the world and it’s sights, arts and produce. How do we do this in the UK when places shut when customers want them? One favourite occupation overseas is to spend the early evening in the fading light browsing souvenirs and chatting with locals, it’s such a shame we can’t do that so much in or own home country nor can others, they are missing out.


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