Now you see me…

Now_u_see_meNow you see me…or do you? If you look closely a butterfly is seated on the weeds. It had moments before been shining and showing off its stained glass colouring whilst fluttering through the sunlit hedgerow, when it sat down and to most eyes disappeared. How awesome is nature that such beauty is so accepted, necessary and taken for granted that it can just fold up and hide, just because it wants to. We take nature for granted too often.

Art_landscapeToday, I went for a walk locally in Doncaster, I blog about travel and to me local travel is just as important as further afield. I spent the day with people I love, in the sunshine and it cost me barely £10, including a cup of tea with a friendly pheasant for company. BARGAIN! I have noticed lately some reverse snobbery about ‘backpackers v tourists’ and seen bloggers publish travel lists for the year to come that are to be honest just pure showing off. Don’t get me wrong I really admire the hard work they have put in to earn sponsors or to save enough to travel to more than a dozen countries a year but please, some of us, probably most of us will not reach that target anytime soon, if ever. So bloggers, travel writers and everyone else who may be reading this, please don’t forget your local haunts, your local parks and just spending half an hour in the sun on a park bench. Quite a few local places are charities which could do with your support.


This image is my favourite scene shot of the day, the sun was shining, sky blue, although the shadows cooler. It looks peaceful don’t you think?

Thank you to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Potteric Carr is a great place to take the kids for a walk in safety, no bikes, no cars. I like the small things, the carvings, the handmade benches, the wooden insects etc.

I just wish all property developers were forced to build in real green spaces to each site they concrete over. I’m not being paid for this post in anyway, I just wanted to share a beautiful spot, how lucky are we in sunny Yorkshire?


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  1. We try to get out locally and have a nice walk. Good to not have to travel too far and pollute the planet getting there! And it doe look peaceful 🙂

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