Singapore – The Gorgeous Green City – Where the happiest people in Asia live!

trees keep the whole place healthy and balanced

Singapore – The Gorgeous Green City – Where the happiest people in Asia live!

Singapore - Raffles fountain

I’ve always wanted to visit Singapore to see the iconic locations for myself.

Singapore - Raffles

It’s a total joy, everywhere you look is greenery alongside stunning modern architecture.
One building is actually green, not painted or clad, but real life green luscious plants forming part of the design.

Singapore - green building

The best thing is that whilst all the new buildings are going up, the history is being maintained.

Singapore - China Town

Old churches and temples as well as ancient trees and iconic properties nestle alongside award winning innovative design.

Singapore - skyline


Art seems to be a compulsory part of every plan, sculptures hiding in hedgerows or showing off on busy traffic junctions.

Singapore - cityscape

A modern city where young people hang out in subways to picnic out of the rains. History and culture is respected.


Designers and planners have proved modernity and progression is possible, and trees keep the whole place healthy and balanced.

Singapore - outdoor skywalk

No wonder this city is occupied by the happiest people in Asia.

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