Sunburnt noses

Hi, I just found this whilst trawling old folders, and thought it was worth getting out there, after all it is summer!

Sunburnt noses

Make the most of the weather it’ll not last.

A cup of tea, love? No, let’s just take the flask

Sarnis, tomatoes, there’s some left over pie,

Some fruit in a Tupperware, keep out the flies.

I’ll pack the bag, you fetch the chairs

I’ll ring our Stew he’ll meet us there.

If we get off now we should be there for lunch

Think it might rain later? You just got a hunch?

Shall I heat up a pizza or leave at this?

Do you think there’s enough, with a packet of crisps?

Filled up with petrol, sat in the traffic queue

Whose idea’s this, was it me or was it you

We nearly there yet? I really need a wee

Look at that sign love, some car parking for free.

Cool bag, windbreak, blanket, plastic cups for tea.

Sand in the sandwiches gets stuck in yer teeth.

Hey what a day, that beach cricket was good fun

Oh I know love, just pass us the after-sun!

© ChristieAdams


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