What is a media kit? (Why does a blogger, or writer, need a media kit?)

If you want to build credibility and real connection in the online space build your network of those people who think like you do, are interested in the same things you are, those who aspire to the same lifestyle as you do.

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When I first started out as a blogger, back in 2011 (OMG 7 YEARS!) I just wanted to share my journey.

I wanted to take on the internet, embrace social media and chat with friends.

I wanted to show that just because I was old enough to be the mum of most bloggers out there, at that time, I was able to participate.

I had something to say.

I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Little did I know how much I needed to learn! At first it was just a few lines, no ads, no. Links. I’d never heard of an affiliate let alone though I’d know how to do online marketing or auto schedule through third party apps. I don’t know if I even knew what apps were back then. Things change quickly in this online space.

After a couple of years I heard about blogging as a career, not just for the Kardashians but actually as a job where people would pay you.

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The myth is that all bloggers earn millions!

Er NO! They don’t. Well OK so maybe the Kardashians do, but even they don’t earn it just from social media or blogging alone.

Most online workers have multiple streams of income.

They have different work streams, they’ll do promotions, content writing, marketing and a list of other work that would make a good old fashioned CV grow into a small paperback!

That’s why you need a media kit.

It’s basically a CV on one page. It’s a quick reference point for you to supplement your business card and shows people who you are and what you do. Importantly it also shows why people should work with you in your media space, in other words on your blog or You Tube channel and the like.

It says what you offer to them, what you do and who will hear about it.

My social media stats (the number of people who officially follow me on the likes of Twitter and Facebook) are quite humble compared to some, but hard earned.

I’ve not gone down the ‘buying 1000 followers for just $50’ or chasing numbers. I’ve looked for and ‘friended’ people I truly connect with. I’ve checked links and tried to make sure the people in my list are ones I would probably get on with in person. People with similar views or interests. I think I’ve just about managed to stick with the plan and my own business ethics by not carelessly or slavishly obsess over that number at the top of my profile.

Now this isn’t a post about gaining followers, you’ll find loads of those online, however be aware the word is changing.

It’s no longer a mad rush for more and more friends and follows.

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